piotr szafel photography
I was born in City of Czestochowa, southern part of Poland. Since 2007 I'm based in Manchester UK.

My passion started when i was about 15yr old. After a while as a teenager i discovered something else as well. for past couple of years I've spent countless hours studying and experimenting with photography. My first camera kit was based on Nikon D40 with just few basic lenses.
Currently I still use Nikon, mainly professional kit based on Nikon D2X camera, with various lenses using Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 as my standard portrait lenses.

I have experience working with landscapes and objects, but gradually my interest shifted towards people - trying to catch a real human emotions on a camera.

I work on a freelance basis and can be hired out for personal photo shoot experience,
indoor and outdoor sessions, weddings and events.

If you feel that you have a unique face or body or just want to have a pro session that won't break the bank then you came to the right place.
Feel free to contact me and browse my gallery.

Piotr Szafel 2015
Piotr Szafel - Photographer